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US Dollar Retreats on Mixed PMI Data and Persistent Fed Rate Cut Expectations

The US Dollar Index (DXY) experienced a slight decline on Wednesday, reaching 104.20, primarily driven by mixed S&P PMI figures...

Gold Price Rebounds Above $2,400 on Fed Rate Cut Expectations and Weaker US Yields

Gold prices have recovered to $2,404, marking a 0.33% increase, driven by a decline in US Treasury bond yields and...

Australian Dollar Continues Decline as Week Begins

The Australian Dollar (AUD) opened the week with further losses against the US Dollar (USD), trading around 0.6640 on Monday....

Silver Price Tumbles to $29 Amid Disappointing China Stimulus Measures

Silver prices (XAG/USD) plunged to near $29.00 during Friday's American session, primarily driven by a lackluster fiscal stimulus package from...

US Dollar Sees Minor Rebound, Bearish Outlook Persists

The US Dollar Index (DXY) experienced a slight recovery on Thursday, approaching the 104.00 level, despite concerns about the labor...

Mexican Peso Mixed as US Data Boosts Dollar, ECB and BoE Rate Cut Prospects Dim

The Mexican Peso (MXN) experienced mixed performance on Wednesday, weakening against the US Dollar (USD) due to stronger-than-expected US Building...

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