Crypto = Bitcoin

Crypto = Bitcoin

Crypto = Bitcoin
What is Crypto?
What is Bitcoin?

Crypto is Cryptocurrency; it's a currency developed in early 2010 by a ghost; most people believe it is a Chinese guy who invented this kind of currency.


Like everything on the web, it derived from the old world an analog one—a copy of the Gold commodity.
Gold is retrieved from the ground, and there is a specific amount of gold lying in the land that can be dug out. The same idea was copied into the Crypto world with the minimum amount of Bitcoins to retrieve from the "system In gold, you have bulldozers that dug the ground, filter it, and you have gold on your table. In crypto, a computer needs to solve a formula. Once it solves it, you have a Bitcoin coin waiting for you.
Bitcoin is the first and the leading coin. All the other it is a copy of bitcoins idea, same like you have Google Search and then all the others or same like you have Tesla electric car and all the others. The first one-in is entering into history gates.

Bitcoin is now used to avoid paying taxes for most people, and it is also a fast transaction between individuals. It has its wallet; in this wallet, you have an address, and that's how you transfer the funds.

From published sources, drug lords, weaponry financial services all use crypto for quick transfer of funds.

Crypto has a very positive view; firstly, investments were only made by an individual with heave pockets. Today every kid will tell you they invested in Cryptocurrency.
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